Bathtub Replacement vs. Bathtub Liners: Pros and Cons

As you prepare for a new tub installation, you have a lot of details to hammer out—from the basic design of the new bath to the smaller styling details and built-in storage amenities you’d like to have. Before you can make any of these exciting design decisions, however, you first have to answer this: Should I get a bathtub liner or a full bathtub replacement? 

If you’re on the fence about the right tub installation for your family, explore a few benefits of both services below! 

Advantages of Bathtub Liners 

Like the name suggests, a bathtub liner basically sits on top of your existing tub, lining it with a new layer of style and enhancing its long-term durability. Here are a few reasons why many households prefer bathtub liners: 

  • Cost: Cost savings are typically the main reason that people opt for tub liners. They don’t require major demolition or plumbing work, which significantly lowers the cost of installation. 
  • Installation Time: Bathtub liners are created from detailed measurements of your existing tub. They’re usually fabricated within a few weeks and can be installed in just a single day or two. 
  • Mess: The quicker, customized installation process of tub liners also means less dust and mess in your home. 

Advantages of Bathtub Replacement 

A bathtub replacement, on the other hand, entails a full tear-out of your existing tub. Although this service is not as budget-friendly as tub lining, it does offer two distinct advantages: 

  • Proper Installation: Bathtub liners can give old baths a fresh face, but they don’t address any underlining issues. If you choose to replace your tub, though, your installers will be able to find and fix any issues like leaky pipes and mold or mildew growth. 
  • Design Freedom: A bathtub replacement lets you choose nearly any type of bathtub you could want. You can replace your tub with a similar design, a larger jetted bathtub, or even a new shower! You aren’t limited to the same base model as your current tub. 

Still Not Sure? Get Professional Tub Installation Advice Today! 

Ultimately, the right tub installation for your family will depend on your priorities, budget, and expectations. There’s simply no such thing as a one-size-fits-all bathtub remodel. 

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Chicagoland has been installing bathtub liners and performing tub replacements for more than 20 years now—making us a great resource as you decide which tub installation is right for you. If you’d like some professional guidance on your bathtub replacement, go ahead and contact us today. 

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