Relaxation at Its Finest: Five Benefits of a Jetted Tub

After a week of overtime at the office and running every which way to manage your family’s busy schedule, there’s nothing better than the sigh of relief that comes with finally being able to relax. If you’re looking to make the most of increasingly scarce “me-time” moments, you should consider installing a jetted tub! Here’s why a brand-new jet bathtub might just make your bathroom your favorite spot in the house: 

1. Muscle Relaxation 

Hydrotherapy is one of the most common forms of recovery for athletes, as water and air jets gently massage tired muscles and stimulate blood flow to that area. A daily soak in a jetted tub can make it easier for your body to recover from hard gym sessions as well as all the regular tension that builds up over a stressful week. 

2. Pain Relief 

In addition to muscular relaxation, a jet bathtub can help relieve pain from those with chronic diseases, mobility-related aches, or arthritis. A deep-soaking tub also gives you enough space to stretch and lightly exercise any achy limbs. 

3. Comfortable Soaking 

A simple but often overlooked benefit of a Jacuzzi tub is the sheer size. Compared to most standard bathtubs, jetted baths tend to be larger—making them the perfect feature for the taller members of your family. At Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Chicagoland, for example, we offer Kohler whirlpool tubs that are up to 75 inches in diameter! 

4. De-Stressing 

While any bathtub installation can help clear your mind, the soothing bubbly noises and light surface movement of a jetted tub create a spa-like ambience that will really help you relax. If you practice meditation, a warm bathtub is a great place for your daily session. 

5. Cleanliness 

Even if you have access to a Jacuzzi tub at your favorite fitness center or local pool, it’s always cleaner (and more convenient!) to use a bathtub installation in your own home. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature to your preference, you won’t be distracted by fellow bathers, and you won’t have to wonder when the machine was last cleaned. 

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